What Blog should I start? | Perfect Blog niche to start today

There are many kinds of blog niches. It is tough to choose at first when you don’t even know what should you write. It is a common question most of the time but still you shouldn’t push yourself hard to that. Because there are many popular categories many competitive niches out there and tough to choose a specific niche among them.

Some Most Trending and Popular niches:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal Finance
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Business and Marketing
  • Technology and Information
  • Gaming
  • Reviews
  • Entertainment News
  • Sports Update.

It is a tough decision to choose a right niche for you depending how nicely you can write your articles for your audience and start a blog because that requires a lot of patience. Over all if you have considered the patience and have some free time everyday to write post that is investing your time. Because this is like a blind invest for months or year. Well, if you are ready for blogging then in which category?

Your first Article:

Do not start making a list you are good at. Create a free blog, write your first post that comes to your head. Not necessarily on a trending topic, give your best.

Whenever you get something to write, write down on your blog and post daily. When you at least write for one week at a stretch, during this terms of writing you will be able to write at least 7 post more or less. Eventually you will be able to find more topic to write and get more interested in blog. Through these days you will figure out the statistics, insights of your writings and how to rewrite them appropriately.

How long it takes to get traffic?

As blogging is not a one day or a month process to get traffic. Make sure to post more than 50 posts before think of getting good traffic. You will have to be with blogging at least for 6 month or more before you expect some traffic and page views, so you will be able to choose your niche for blog within a few weeks of writing. You will find out the exact blog you should start and how to grow that faster, enhance traffic, attracts more readers to your site.

Don’t push harder as it is a long time process. Start writing at least one post daily. Don’t wait for any good ideas or topics that may not come. Because when you start writing your mind starts gathering new concepts, contents utilize them in your head. Because our brain works according to our practical steps. Till you figure out the perfect blog you will already have some blog post that may get some page views and so on. So, don’t wait!

What types of article should I write more?

This is the blog you should start at first. Then after 15-20 posts you will get ideas to work on. “Which one of your article is getting more traffic?” Answer will be on your mind to realize and utilize that through your Blog Post. Fun fact is you were looking for one idea and ended up with more!

if You Don’t Know, Now you Know


From my Experience,

I was never been in writing but when I decided to start blogging I had this same question in my mind. Back then I was wondering that what blog should I start but could not end up with no result until after a few days I started writing the mess around my thoughts were popping up. Then I came to know the process of writing.

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